Coastal Destination

Set in 5.4 million square meters of virgin coastal land, studded with creeks and mangrove forests, Al Zorah, close and yet secluded from the stress of larger cities, welcomes you - whether for a revitalizing holiday, a new way of life, or to reap the benefits of a lucrative investment opportunity.

With its carefully defined plan and distinct characteristics, Al Zorah offers residents an integrated, human-scale environment; its community a true sense of belonging; and its visitors and tourists a holistic and memorable experience.

Al Zorah
Development Company

Al Zorah Development (Private) Company Limited P.S.C. was incorporated on October 31, 2007, as a Free Zone Company under the laws of Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Its object is “to carry on all business relevant to the development of Al Zorah area, acquire lands and properties, and market, manage, and lease the same for the Company’s or other parties’ accounts, including real estate brokerage services.”

The Company’s life is 99 years. Its capital is AED 2 billion, consisting of 20 million shares with a par value of AED 100, of which 50 percent are held by the Ajman Government and 50 percent by Solidere International Limited and by SI Al Zorah Equity Investments, Inc.